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Kids fitness- The holistic viewpoint

Kids fitness is a term that is often misunderstood or implemented incorrectly. To some, kids’ fitness means a heavy fitness routine that involves running long distances, push-ups, and crunches. Whereas others, believe that kids’ fitness should be linked to kids sports and the training should correspond with this. It is my belief that Kids’ fitness is both of these things but is also much more. Kids fitness is a holistic term that involves both exercise routines but also nutrition, mental health, and well-being as well one’s general health. Kids’ fitness lays its foundations in a strong exercise routine that involves lots of variety. Kids’ fitness should be centered on play-based exercise where games are incorporated into routines that offer basic challenges and rewards. These game-based programs should also incorporate small groups as kids respond best when they are training with their peers.

Kids’ fitness should also incorporate healthy foods and an education program that explains what healthy eating is about. Healthy foods aren’t just about fruit and vegetables… Kids burn lots of energy as their kid’s fitness program involves lots of activity especially in the school system. healthy foods should be about balance and portions and kids need to understand these concepts. Balance involves all food groups including fats and oils and sugar. Portions are about how much of each food group is consumed. This is very much dependent on the kid’s fitness programs and routines. Participation in multiple sports and activities will involve higher levels of calories and portions than someone who is sedentary.

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Kids’ fitness also includes a child’s mental health and general health. Kids need to be kids which means their kid’s fitness program needs to have a good balance between physical activity, fun times with friends, sedentary times, nutritious foods, and family time. Too much of one thing can impact the mental and general well-being of the child. Adults aren’t the only people that have pressures in their life. Kids also get stressed and feel the pressures of life. Kids fitness programs need to recognize this and need to tailor programs to consider all elements of their life. For example, some kids are generally anxious and respond differently to social settings, fitness programs, and the way they eat food. Kids fitness professionals need to identify these traits and design programs in response to these health issues.

Kids fitness isn’t just about kids running around the park or riding their bikes down the street after school. These things are important but in isolation don’t consider all the elements of kids’ fitness. If we want to get the best out of our kids, kids’ fitness needs to be holistic and need to consider the child’s mental attitude, mental state psychology Articles, dietary requirements, and fitness capacity.

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